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Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening

Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening

src=”” alt=”misconceptions about teeth whitening” width=”381″ height=”254″ />Everyone wants to have a brighter, whiter smile, and that is why teeth whitening is such a common cosmetic dentistry procedure. When you visit a tooth whitening specialist, they can help you feel more confident, more attractive, and happier overall. But there are many surprising misconceptions about teeth whitening that we often hear from our patients in Walnut Creek. Here are some myths about teeth whitening that need to be busted.

Teeth Whitening Is Not Safe

Many patients seem to believe that teeth whitening causes nerve damage, and that is why they have never explored this cosmetic dentistry procedure before. The fact is that when teeth whitening is done correctly, there is no chance of it negatively affecting your teeth, gums, roots, or any other part of your mouth.

Teeth Whitening Makes Teeth Look Fake

The typical teeth whitening procedure that you receive from your dentist or at home will not give you blindingly white movie-star teeth. Here’s a hint: most of those guys have veneers! Teeth are not actually white themselves, but shades of yellow or grey. Teeth whitening just lightens the color.

Teeth Whitening Is Painful

Of all the misconceptions about teeth whitening, this is possibly the worst. You may experience some sensitivity for a day or two after a whitening procedure, but that should not last, nor should it be very painful. There is no pain at all during the procedure.

Teeth Whitening Is Forever

Actually, teeth whitening does wear off after anywhere from six months to two years. If you are careful to practice great oral hygiene habits, your whitening procedure will last much longer.

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