Invisalign for Teens

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Invisalign for Teens

Clear aligners are one of the most popular orthodontics treatment options for misaligned teeth. Not only is Invisalign popular for adults, but Invisalign for teens is a highly sought-after venture as well. If you have a teenager at home with misaligned teeth, and you can’t convince them to try traditional metal braces, you should convince them of the advantages of Invisalign. They will come to enjoy the clear braces, and our Walnut Creek dentists can tell you why.

Invisalign is Invisible

One of the biggest reasons why there is a market for Invisalign for teens is because this orthodontics procedure is almost undetectable when in the mouth. Your teen will be able to wear the braces comfortably without being embarrassed about their smile.

Invisalign is Convenient

You can save your teen a few trips to the dentist’s office using Invisalign. Your teen can take matters into their own hands, feeling like they are in control of their orthodontics treatment. Plus, Invisalign only needs to be worn 22 hours per day, so your teen has a little bit of flexibility to take them out when brushing their teeth or attending a special occasion.

Invisalign does Not Have Diet Restrictions

Your teen will enjoy the fact that Invisalign does not restrict their diet. With traditional metal braces, there are several types of food that should be avoided, such as corn, candy, and other delicious snacks. But with Invisalign, your teen has the freedom to eat what they want – they can even remove the clear braces during a meal.

Invisalign is Effective

One of the most important facts about Invisalign for teens is that it really works! Most teens only take a year to a year and a half to see beautiful results.

Invest in Invisalign for Your Teen Today!

Invisalign for teens is a big hit. Our Walnut Creek dentists can be the first to welcome them to a successful orthodontics procedure! Give Pope Dental a call at (925) 939-4989, or contact us online.